Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gordon Research Conference: Metabolic Basis of Ecology, 2012

Just finishing up a great week long conference in Biddeford, ME. Here's the poster I presented (full-size image here):

Our school, and Utah in general, were very well represented, with three students, a postdoc and two faculty members attending from our lab. Here's Dan McGlinn (postdoc)'s poster on testing MaxEnt spatial patterns (PDF), and here's Ethan's talk on testing other aspects of MaxEnt.

The GRC was excellent, and while we're not allowed to talk about specific talks due to Gordon's "off-the-record" policy (which we all waived for our own work), I highly encourage anyone interested in metabolism to attend. Talks varied from exploring mechanisms to large-scale patterns. It's really not just for ecologists. There's content that would appeal to evolutionary biologists, physiologists, environmental scientists, and even anthropologists or biomedical researchers.

Thanks to Ethan and Morgan for the advice and funding that enabled me to make it out here. I learned a lot, met some cool people, and got some great ideas to apply to my own research.